My Side Hustle

My Side Hustle

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The world has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Working for a major corporation is no longer the safe route it once was. Joining a startup is still risky. Well what is the alternative? The answer is "minding your own business" with a focus on side hustles. Keep your day job and start learning how to hustle your way to $1K/mo in extra income. Use the gig economy to execute this side hustle project.

To start your biz leverage services from Uber to Handy to your own consulting or B2B services firm. Try to land 2 side hustle gigs that pay at least $500/mo. Your goal is to build a side hustle that does $1K/mo. That is it.

Once you achieve that $1K/mo consistently you can start developing systems and new offerings that will allow you to scale this to a full time business. Most entrepreneurs fail to get their business to even $1K per month in gross profit so we want to start "small" so you can actually get out of the rat race. The major milestone for the side hustle project would be 2 side gigs paying $5K/mo aka a 6-figure business. So once we get the gigs to $500/mo we then try to 10X them.

This bundle will get you an overview of a myriad of potential side hustle businesses and projects you can evaluate. Pick 1 that has $500/mo potential execute that for 3 - 6 months and then evaluate if you should double down, put it on "auto pilot", or kill it and try something else.

If you don't make money while you sleep you will work until you die. So put down the TV remote and build your side hustle now!

The courses in this bundle are:

  • Online Course Mastery Blueprint
  • How To Win Jobs Freelancing On UpWork
  • Affiliate Marketing Secrets: Earn Big Reviewing Products
  • Create a Responsive Business Website with WordPress
  • Starting, Running and Growing a Web Design Business
  • Abandon The 9-5 Mindset: Become An Entrepreneur
  • 6 Years Of Internet Marketing Success & Failure
  • How To Create a Wordpress Membership Site With ZippyCourses
  • Bulletproof Personal Finance
  • How to Use Content Marketing to Become Known as an Expert
  • Finance for Freedom
  • Bitcoin: The Future of Money
  • The Most Effective Way to Sell Coaching/Consulting Services
  • Teach Online: How to Market and Sell Online Courses
  • Teach Online: How To Create In-Demand Online Courses
  • How to Market Yourself as a Coach or Consultant
  • How To Make a Wordpress WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate Store
  • How to Build Your Own Online Business with WordPress
  • The Complete Cryptocurrency Investing Course For Beginners
  • The Option Game: Consistent Returns in Any Market
  • How to Design a Signature Coaching or Consulting Program
  • How to Create a Simple Strategic Plan
  • Branding: How to Brand Yourself and Your Business
  • 10 Things Every Coach or Consultant Needs to Know to Succeed

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